Zakrafa, a professional Moroccan cement and hanpainted  tiles, marble artistic designs for exterior and interior.

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Marble bathtubs and sinks

Beautiful various bathtubs and sinks that come assembled and ready to install and be used.

Artistic Marble

Already made beautiful designs you can place directly on your floors or walls.

The tables and chairs also come in different sizes and shapes, they come already assembled ready to use. They are indeed very durable so you can use they outside as well.

Marble cubes

This product comes in various colors and sizes so you can mix and match and come up with designs yourself.

Marble corner

These decorative corners are meant to add a beautiful decoration to your floors or walls, you can use the with various types or tiles to add color and shapes to a dull room.

Marble vases

A large collection of antique marble vases, can be placed indoors and outdoors. 100% handmade.

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